Advice for parents for buying toys

You will be spending money and time choosing and buying toys. Here are some questions for you that can help you get going on the right track with toys and equipment.

  1. Will children of different ages enjoy it?
  2. Is the toy durable? Will it last?
  3. Is the toy safe?
  4. Can the toy be used in a variety of ways?
  5. Does this toy encourage cooperation or does it encourage aggression or violence?
  6. Is it easy to clean?
  7. Can I make it for less money than I will pay for it?
  8. Can I buy a more useful toy for the same money?
  9. Do I need more of these for the number and ages of children in my home?
  10. Do I have something at home that is similar and for the same kind of play?
  11. Is this item essential? Can it wait?

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