Is it normal for my child to suck his/her thumb?

It is a normal behavior in infants and toddlers. It peaks between the ages of 18-21 months and most children drop it by 4 years of age. If it persists beyond 4 years of age, then it is time to intervene.

How can I help my child who is thumb sucking?

You should start intervening if your child is sucking after 4 years of age or is causing dental problems.

If your child is sucking his/her thumb because of stress, identify the cause and try to provide comfort by a hug and reassuring words. Give him/her a reward, when he/she is not sucking his thumb.

Although you feel frustrated with your child who is thumb sucking, don’t punish him/her or yell at him/her. You will only make him/her nervous and upset.

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