How would I know my elder child is feeling insecure because of a new baby at home i.e. how would recognize sibling rivalry?

  • Your elder child may poke the baby’s face, irritate the baby, throw things or take things which are in baby’s hands.
  • He would also try all forms of attention seeking behavior, since you would be busier and tired and will have less time for him.
  • He may also start bedwetting, refuses to eat or even have sleep problems.

How can I deal with the problem of sibling rivalry?

  • Make your elder child feel special and give him lots of attention.
  • Tell him how much you love him.
  • Don’t make him feel that you’re busy because of a new baby. This would make him more resentful.
  • Let him know about the new baby during the pregnancy only and let him visit your baby in hospital.
  • Encourage him to touch your new baby and talk to her. He would soon enjoy being the big brother.
  • Show him the new baby is helpless and requires your help.
  • Ask him help in taking care of the baby, So that he feels responsible.

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