What are the types of learning difficulties?

  • Difficulty in reading, DYSLEXIA-- Problems in reading, writing, spelling, speaking
  • Difficulty with maths, DYSCALCULIA—Problem doing maths problem, understanding time, using money
  • Difficulty with writing—DYSGRAPHIA – Problems with handwriting, spelling, organizing ideas
  • Difficulty with language—DYSHASIA—Problems understanding spoken language, poor reading comprehension
  • Difficulty in hearing differences between sounds—AUDITORY PROCESS DISORDER—Problems with reading, comprehension and language.
  • Difficulty in interpreting visual information—VISUAL PROCESSING DISORDER—Problems with reading, maths, charts, symbols.

My child has learning a disability. How can I help him out?

  • Communicate with school authorities.
  • Identify how your child learns best.
  • If he/she is an auditory learner, read notes aloud, make him study with other students, discuss and listen to tapes.
  • If he/she is a visual learner—use books, computers visual aids, diagrams, and drawings.
  • Give your child confidence about his strengths and passion.
  • Help him/her in making right decision and accept failure as a stepping-stone to success.
  • Stay calm. You should be able to manage the stress in your life by relaxing.

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