My child is hyperactive, how do I deal with it?

  • Explaining the inappropriateness of his/her behavior and encourage good behavior by praise.
  • Let them be exposed to small groups initially. In this way they will have better control and less distraction, and can finish simple tasks.
  • Your child may be disorganized, so help him/her in arranging his books, notes.
  • For study, designate a study area. Make him/her study there to prevent getting him/her distracted. Switch off lights in room and use a table lamp.
  • Do not give too many instructions at once. Let him/her finish one assignment before going to the next one.
  • They might forget to copy homework, so have a close rapport with the teacher so as to gain more information.
  • Try with auditory and visual inputs simultaneously, since children grasp them better.
  • Identify strengths of the child and praise him/her in public.
  • Be realistic about expectations from the child and ignore minor incidents.


Helping With Home Work


  • If shorter assignments are given, your child will have better chance of success.
  • Assignments can be presented in the form of small units and give immediate feedback.
  • He/she should preferably be allowed to sit in front rows of class, which will help the teacher reinforce things from time to time.
  • The teacher can put a child with peer helpers who can assist him/her with class work.
  • Divide the assignment into specific time slots and help him/her accomplish the task step by step, which will allow the child to remain focussed and motivated.

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