Can I use pacifiers for my baby ?

Pacifiers are shaped like a nipple and given to babies to keep them quiet. But it will have its own set of problems. It can lead to infections because it goes directly into mouth. Any dirt would directly enter the stomach and lead to stomach infections. It can also lead to less appetite because the act of sucking and swallowing keeps the appetite centre in the brain satisfied. So, preferably avoid using pacifiers.

I have heard about crib death/cot death. How can I have a safe sleeping environment for my baby ?

  • Make your child to sleep on a firm mattress using only a light sheet for covering.
  • No stuffed toys should be placed in the crib.
  • Do not over clothe the baby.
  • Keep a comfortable room temperature.
  • Mattresses should be relatively hard or stiff. 
  • There should be no crevices into which baby can slip.
  • Never allow a toddler to sleep next to an infant.
  • Don’t expose your child to tobacco smoke.

These are some common safety precautions, which would reduce the chances of cot death.

My baby has no tears when she cries. Is it abnormal ?

Babies are generally born without tear glands. They develop by age of 6 weeks. So it is normal that when your baby cries, there are no tears.

My baby’s eye keeps watering. Is it abnormal ?

In some babies, the nasolacrimal duct (a tube which connects the corner of each eye and ends in nose) may be blocked, which can cause watering of eyes.

As the baby grows older, these passages open out and problem of watering disappear. You can massage the duct externally, starting from the corner of the eyes and going towards the tip of nose.

In some cases, tears with discharge indicate infection, so consult a doctor.

My baby scratches her face. Is it harmful ?

Your baby is still gross in her movements and might end up in scratching her face. You don’t have to be worried as they are harmless and the marks would disappear without causing permanent scratch marks.

How is my baby’s vision at birth ?

Your baby at birth is near sighted and cannot see objects that are far away. Baby cannot focus on objects that are near. So baby will not look at your face and will look somewhere else. Within a few days, baby would prefer to look at your face than that of strangers. Within a week they are able to see red, green, orange and yellow colours. Blue and violet light are difficult to percieve since they have shorter wavelength. By 4-8 wks, infants are able to focus on the face of mother and smile, which is called as “social smile”.

Will keeping a lamp on at night disturb my baby ?

No, because newborn eye is less sensitive to light than that of adult. The amount of light needed to stimulate the newborn is about 50 times needed by an adult eye.

How would I know my baby can hear ?

A newborn’s hearing apparatus is immature; hence baby can hear only high-pitched sounds of a mother. Your baby would also demonstrate a “startle reflex” in which baby would jerk and move all 4 limbs when exposed to loud sounds. If you find your baby is non responsive to loud sounds, consult a doctor.

My baby sneezes a lot. What can I do ?

You don’t have to worry if your baby sneezes. It is normal for them because baby cannot clear her nasal passages like an adult. The only way baby can bring out dust or mucus from her nose is sneezing.

My baby hiccoughs a lot. Is it something to worry about ?

Hiccoughs are very common. It does not indicate that your baby is thirsty. You have to realize that the baby is not in pain or suffering and you need not administer water. Just as the hiccoughs have started suddenly, they will stop on their own too.

How often should my baby pass urine ?

A baby should pass urine 8-10 times a day. If a baby has not passed urine for a long time, it means your baby is not getting enough milk. Passing urine more number of times is nothing to worry about. If your baby is passing very little urine (1-2 times a day) then consult a doctor.

What is evening colic? What should I do to relieve that ?

Evening colic usually starts when your baby is 2 to 3weeks old and can last as long as 3months. When your baby has a colic, he/she suffers from pain, more in evenings and scream continuously for hours. He/She would pull up his/her legs and tense the abdomen.

It is important for you to know that this is a harmless condition and will resolve with time. You can carry and rock the baby, pat her back. But you have to remember that there is no definite cure for this.

How often should my baby pass stool ?

Your baby would pass stool once or twice in the first few days, which is greenish black in color which is called meconium. 

After the first 3 days, he/she would pass a yellowish green stool called transition stool.

From the 5th day he/she would pass stools, which are golden yellow in colour and curd like consistency. They pass stool 5 to 15 times a day.

In the 2nd month, he would stop passing stool frequently and would even pass once in 2 days to once in 5 days.

By the 3rd month, he would pass regular motions, about 2 or 3 times a day.

After weaning starts; they pass stools once or twice a day and develop consistency of adult stools.

Is it safe to have a ceremony at home for the baby ?

Since many people are invited for a ceremony, baby might pick up infection since the immune system of baby is still immature. There is a high chance of transferring infection either by hands, bodies and clothes. So you can postpone the ceremony till the baby is grown up. You can also ensure that less people handle the baby and those who handle the baby wash their hands.

When can I get my child’s ear pierced ?

Usually after 6 months of age, you can get your child’s ear pierced. This is because he/she would complete her vaccination with Hepatitis B and Tetanus vaccines, which are 2 important hazards of ear piercing. Be sure that ear piercing is done under aseptic and hygienic conditions.

My baby is losing hair. Will he/she become bald ?

Your newborn baby’s hair (both on head and body) is because of mothers hormones. After birth the hormonal support goes away, because of which your baby would lose hair both from scalp and body. But after few months (varies with each baby) the baby would get new hair. So you don’t have to be worried that your child would become bald as this is temporary thing. Your baby would not require any medicines also.

My baby is having whitish discharge from vagina. I am scared. What can I do ?

This generally occurs because when the baby is in mother’s womb, she gets the mothers hormones also. After delivery her hormonal support would go away, because of which your baby might have whitish discharge on even bleeding from vagina which is very similar to an adult’s menstrual cycle. Within a few days, the discharge would stop.


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