How can I cope with my child who is addicted to television?

Many parents get the pressure of keeping kids busy, TV and computers games are easy options. It is even recommended that no TV at all for children under 2 years of age and for older children, limit to 1 hour a day with parental supervision.


What you can do instead of making your child watch TV

  • Make him do the household chores.
  • Try to keep TV and computer out of bedroom.
  • Do not allow your child to eat in front of TV
  • Set a good example


You can also help by

  • Viewing programs with your child
  • Selecting appropriate TV shows is important.
  • Place a limit on the amount of Television watching
  • You can try the “TV programming schedule for your Child”
  • Select 10 programs appropriate for your child’s age but let child put tick marks on them. Like this he/she will feel he is taking his/her own decisions.
  • Write down the telecast time and date of these programs on a paper.
  • It should be clearly told that he/she can watch only 10 pragrams per week.
  • Put a tick mark after child has seen the program.
  • When all 10 programs have been viewed, the child has had enough television time. Repeat the process the next week.

What will happen if my child watches a lot of TV?

Health hazards of TV watching include:-

  • Obesity- your child would remain inactive and therefore could (later) develop other problems.
  • Growth retardation- This occurs because child is not sleeping well or exercising section of growth hormone is suppressed and child’s growth is adversely affected.
  • Poor concentration- Excessive TV watching leads to short attention span,  this would later lead to poor academic performance and under achievement.
  • Lack of creativity – children who watch lots of TV, lack originality and imagination.
  • Headache & Migraine
  • Type 2- diabetes mellitus- lack of physical activity combined with habit of skipping meals and heavy snacking leads to weight gain and subsequent development of diabetes.
  • Short sightedness
  • Delayed Speech- a child cannot learn language by merely watching Television.
  • Autism- In this they lack social interaction they are confined in their own world and not able to communicate with others.
  • Epilepsy- certain form of epilepsy are precipitated by flickering lights.
  • Sleep disorders.

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