How can I make my child develop qualities of a leader

  • Start early- qualities developed during school years and achievements in extracurricular activities help to instill such qualities early. If once feelings of inadequacy are taken root, they are difficult to remove.
  • Assess your child’s potential. Wrong assessment can lead to disaster. If you are confused you can take the help of an expert.
  • Give them the right inputs- The values which you give would make a child grow in inner strength.
  • Praise the child- by praising the child you give them a permanent boost. Use phrases like “Great Job”,  “Terrific Work”. Any success is worth. Compliment but don’t go overboard with your praise.
  • Teach them to “Be positive”. You should persuade them to concentrate on success. Avoid negative thoughts such as “I think you  will fail”, Children who keep worrying on how to avoid failure, rather than on how to succeed end up in disappointments. The one who believes in success is the one who inspires others to follow.
  • Reinforcement of achievements- Let the child develop the approach of “I have done it before, I can do it now”. This confidence will help him/her.
  • Encouraging creativity and experimenting motivates your child to take initiative and tackle new challenges.
  • Teach child to stay cool- Anxiety leads to poor concentration, which leads to poor performance. A relaxed mind is a better achiever.
  • Provide opportunities for leadership. Allow children to operate in their favored domains (be it on stage, sports, classroom). A leader must have ample opportunities.
  • Set an example: - If you have leadership qualities, it is easier for children to develop similar traits.

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