What are breath-holding spells?

Breath holding spells are reflexive events in which there is usually a provocative event, which causes frustration, anger or pain, and the child starts crying.

At the end of crying, the child becomes blue (cyanotic spell) or pale. It may be associated with loss of consciousness (fainting) or sometimes-jerky movements (seizures)

Till what age would these occur?

They are rare before 6 months of age. This usually peaks at 2 years of age and unusual after the age of three. But in some children they can last till 5 years of age.

Why do these occur?

This occurs usually in children who are pampered. In such children if their wishes are not fulfilled are refused sometimes, they get frustrated and exhibit these spells.

What can I do during an attack of this spell?

All the family members should be consistent with what they do. You should not exhibit undue concern or excessively cuddle the baby, as this will first reinforce the attack. During the spell ensure that the child is in a safe place.

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