Special Polio Campaign !

Important things you need to know about the Special IPV Campaign in Hyderabad.

Is it an epidemic of polio in hyderabad?

No.It is not an epidemic.It is a preventive measure taken by the Government.The last case of polio was reported on Jnauary 13, 2011, in West Bengal. The World Health Organisation certified India as polio free in 2014 and still remains to be so.

What is the "polio virus" which was found in Hyderabad?

The virus which was found in a sewages of hyderabad, is a vaccine derived polio virus. In vaccine derived polio virus , the source of virus is the vaccine itself. When a child is vaccinated, the weakened vaccine-virus multiplies in the intestine and enters into the bloodstream, triggering a protective immune response in the child. In  extremely rare cases ,when a childs immunity is very low, this virus strain is released through stool. In areas of inadequate sanitation, this excreted vaccine-virus can quickly spread in the community and infect children with low immunity.

The cases of paralysis due to VDPV are rare as the virus has to circulate for a long time in the community of under-immunised population before it can infect and cause paralysis in someone. Vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP) occurs in an estimated 1 in 2.7 million children receiving their first dose of oral polio vaccine, according to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, a public-private partnership of national governments and WHO.

What is Special IPV programme?

It is a drive to prevent any breakthrough of the virus.In this campaign all children from 1 and a half month to 3 years of age , must get Injectable polio vaccine which are administered free of cost at government health facilities and immunization campaigns organized by the government.It has been organized from 20th to 26th of June. This special immunization programme will ensure all vulnerable children living in high risk areas are given protection against polio.This programme is being held in Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts.

Are there any side effects?

There can be mild redness ,or tenderness at the site of injection.

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