Skin care in kids

Skin is the largest organ in the body. It is a window to many systemic conditions. SKIN, HAIR and NAIL are a part of a single unit . Skin and hair care in any age group is very important

Skin Care in Infants:

Gentle handling and gentler skin care is primary in this age group.

1. Cleaning the baby well with luke warm water and a gentle cleanser is important.

2. Light oil massage with coconut or olive oil is acceptable as long as the skin is not breaking into eruptions.

Common conditions seen in Infants include generalised rashes, Miliaria( heat rashes), cradle cap etc. Most rashes presenting in the first 24-48hrs although not worrisome would need a detailed examination.

  • Miliaria is a frequently occuring skin condition, in which reddish or whitish eruptions appear on upper face , which could spread to the trunk and limbs in severe cases.Consult a Dermatologist for timely help.This is common as the sweat ducts and glands are still neither properly formed or functioning causing any increase in room temperature / oil applications or any excess moisturisers to clog it further.Keeping the child in cooler ambient environment and avoiding excess clothing/wrapping is imperative here.In severe cases, topical antibiotic creams may be needed
  • Cradle cap is a commonly seen fungal condition where greasy yellowish-white scales are present on the infant s scalp. This needs timely treatment, preventing spread to other folds in the body.

Skin Care in Children:

  • As monsoon or winters approach, a steep rise in dry, irritated skin is a common occurence.In children who are Atopic, this is inevitable.

Atopic Dermatitis(AD)Atopic Dermatitis(AD) is a condition in which skin is sensitive and lacks epidermal barrier at microscopic levels with absence of certain important lipids in the skin. This makes it prone to recurrent dryness and rashes in the folds of hands or behind knees. These are highly prone to get infected .Some children have white,dry patches on the cheeks too. AD is commonly seen in children who have frequent episodes of cold and cough or parents having any history of Sinusitis or Asthma.

Winters and monsoon witness an increase in need for a good moisturising routine in children as they have sensitive skin. Seek your Dermatologist s help to understand your child s skin and the skin- care routine needed.

  • This season also sees a rise in fungal infections, which is common in school-going children who play and sweat a lot.Spaces between the toes, groins and under-arms could be effected.Avoid any sort of home remedies for these and consult a Specialist.
  • Many other skin conditions -Bacterial and Viral can occur in children of this age group, namely Chicken pox,Impetigo,Molluscum contagiosum, Warts,Scabies etc.
  • Children as early as 8-10yrs of age could present with Acne (pimples)and Dandruff. Timely treatment of acne, however small, would prevent larger acne and scarring in future. Associated unhealthy eating habits and childhood obesity makes the acne resistant to treatment.
  • Darkening of neck and other folds are also seen in this age, is associated with slow metabolism, weight gain and Insulin resistance. These conditions are on the rise now due to unhealthy junk food and fatty diet which most children consume, thus increasing the chances of hormonal imbalance in young girls, namely Polycystic ovarian syndrome( PCOS).This is commonly associated with unwanted facial hair and pimples in children as young as 10yrs.

Maintaining an active lifestyle, regular exercise/ playing a sport and following a healthy,low fat diet is very important to keep this at bay or under check.

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