Pulling a child by the wrist / forearm-Know how hazardous it is!!!!

One of the most common scenario encountered during paediatric orthopedic practice is pulled elbow.

Why does this happen?

It usually occurs in children less than 5 years of age.It occurs because of sudden pull on child's lower arm or wrist.(occurs when you try to pick up your child by the lower arm/wrist)

What exactly happens in this?

A ligament (orbicular/annular ligament) normally holds the bones at the elbow joint in place , but in some children the ligament is stretched (such as with a sudden pull) and the bone (radial head) partially slips out from underneath the ligament.

How will I know if  my child has a pulled elbow?

Your child would have a painful dangling arm,following an episode of a jerky movement at the elbow or after being lifted off the ground by the forearm.The forearm would be held in extension (straight) and slightly turned inwards (pronation).The child would resists any folding of the elbow(flexion)

What should i do?

Visit a paediatrician / orthopedician .They would do a manipulative technique and set it right.

So make sure you don't pick your child up by the lower arms or wrists and educate others . This is very important to save your child from having the same injury happen again.As prevention is always better !!

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