How to prevent your child from getting a burn/scald??

Burns are the 11th leading cause of death of children aged 1–9 years and are also the fifth most  common cause of non-fatal childhood injuries. So preventing your child from getting a burn is very  important. Here are some important tips which can help you prevent them.

  1. Don’t leave a hot teapot or similar object near the edge of the table at meal time.

  2. Always turn the pan handles away from the front of the stove.

  3. The table cloth should not hang over the edge of the table.

  4. Don’t pass hot tea or other fluid in front of the small child. Never hold a baby on the knee when drinking hot liquid.

  5. Never leave your child alone in bath. The cold water should be run in before the hot

  6. Never leave a hot bottle in the child’s bed.

  7. Do not put hot water in the potty before the child sits on it.

  8. Do not leave an electric iron where a child may come in contact with. Never leave it plugged in.

  9. Never allow your child to use a matchbox 

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