Breast Feeding Advice from Expert

On the occasion of World breast feeding week it gives me immense pleasure to write about my favorite topic. The little ones get the first nourishment from the mom. The first thing the baby gets to feed is made by mums body. Wow what a blessing it is to create such a wonderful resource which will help in building the bones, the skin, the organs, the hair the tiny toes and teeny weeny nails and entire flesh and blood of a new human.

So do we have a manual available for doing such an important job right? Well! Definitely NO!!

So from where do we get our source of information? Our mums, our grandparents or the society?

We do so much research to even buy a dress for the lil one. So how much more work needs to put into producing the milk that is going to build the cells of our lil ones. Well there is nothing to be exasperated. As we have very good lactation consultants available now who are specially trained in helping mothers initiate as well support them to lactate till min of 6 months and beyond. Until and unless there is a underlying medical condition, most mothers can make milk. But it is seen that only 70 (CDC) percent of the population are successfully able to initiate breast feeding .The most disheartening thing is most of them give into the urge of giving a top feed in the first one week after going home.

Moms and in laws force mothers to feed the baby formula. Other than dealing with new born baby and postpartum body mother has to fight with support persons just to nurse her little one.

I think breast feeding classes should be attended by entire family’s not just mums. We have a myth that if the breastfeeding mother has milk and bread she can feed the kid better. Also overfeeding the mother’s leads to obesity, which later on results in multiple health issues.

It’s pertinent to relay information related to breastfeeding diet to mother and families well in advance.

This year WABA an International organization which helps in spreading awareness all across the world on breast feeding has come up with goals. Which are depicted in pictorial form below. It’s not just the mothers and families but entire communities and nations will have to face the consequences of lack of right breast feeding education!

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