8 Cool tips to help your child tackle summer heat!!

Summer heatSummer time is holiday time for kids. But your child is exposed to the scorching heat as well. They may be prone for heat exhausation,heat stroke and other complications. So here are some tips to tackle heat

1. Outdoor time

The peak intensity of the heat is between 11.00 am and 4.00pm, so limit exposure to sun during this period and preferably let the child be at home.This would prevent heat related pyrexia (fever)

2. Hat

If you are taking your child in the sun, make him wear a hat, preferably with a 3 inch brim.

3. Sunglasses

Yes!!!You can make your child put them on. These do work .Direct sunrays harms the retinal layer of eyes and hence protection is important.

4. Dress right!

Clothing should be light coloured and light weight..It should be limited to one layer of absorbent material.

5. Plenty of liquids

The child should be allowed to drink plenty of fluids—let it be water or fruit juices. Children get so engrossed with play that they might forget to ask for water, but be sure that your child keeps drinking water.This would prevent dehydration

6. Outdoor activities

Games played in the heat should be shortened and there should be more frequent water breaks.

7. Water fun

Children love water and playing in water is real fun. You can put your baby in a tub or baby pool. Splashing in water is lots of fun and keeps the body cool too.

8. Hygiene and cleanliness

Special care for hygiene should be there because of increased perspiration and sweating during summer which can lead to skin infections. When giving a bath wash the child’s neck, underarms and other folds which are prone to collect sweat.

These tips would help your child have a safe and funfilled summer vacation.Happy Holidays!!

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