7 important strategies to remember when you communicate with your child

Mother & Son1. Listen to your child

Parents must recognize and respect the value of what children say. Too often parents dismiss the significance of the pressure their children feel. Listening is what promotes the ability of parents to communicate effectively

2. Focus on what is important

Do not make much of a fuss on issues that are reversible

3. Be willing to be unpopular

There will be times when a child disagrees with you. It is important to remember that parenting (and not being a buddy) is a parent's primary role

4. Avoid useless arguing


5. Be respectful

Parents should be sure that they are not verbally assaulting their kids

6. Act on teachable moments

These can occur at various times in day, such as during playing, driving or dinner. Take advantage of these opportunities, even if they are 30 seconds long. They are more important over the long run than giving a long lecture.

7. Help children learn from experience

Dealing with the consequence of their own actions inspires sensible behavior

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