5 Simple ways to make tooth brushing easier!!

5 simple ways to make tooth brushing easier!!1. Make it a fun activity

Make lots of noise while brushing - your child will feel they are missing out on something and would want to join in.

2. Be a demonstrator

Let them watch you brush your teeth from an early age and brush your own teeth alongside them. You could brush your child’s favorite toy too

3. Toy brush

Buy colorful, fun-looking brushes. Let him play with it. Create the impression that toothbrushes are fun to use.

4. Sing!

Singing a little tune while you brush your child’s teeth will make it feel like a game.

5. Involvement Technique

Get your child to carry out simple tasks, such as putting toothpaste on his brush, and give him plenty of praise.He  would definitely start enjoying it

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